A video trailer for Blood Dawn is out!

The title says it all, and here it is. Watch this video before you read any further. It’s only 2 minutes long.

So, what do you think? If that video got you excited about Blood Dawn, then why not wander over to the Inkshares page for it and find out some more? Here’s the link:


Some of you have already backed the project, but others might still be sitting on the fence, in which case, I hope that this video trailer will give you all a more immersive sense of what Blood Dawn offers. (You can also download an excerpt of the opening few chapters in .pdf, .epub, or .mobi format here on NoiseTrade.)

If this is a book you want to see published, then you can vote as a reader by pre-ordering a copy–this is Inkshares’ awesome publishing model, where readers, instead of in-house editors, decide what books get published, and it’s this great reader-centered model which made me choose Inkshares as a place where I want to see Blood Dawn in print. So come along and cast your vote–or if you’re not sure, you can just follow the project and receive updates on it until you decide.

Lots of hard work and collaboration went into this video trailer and I think it’s captured the spirit of the book I’m writing just perfectly. I am very proud of how this video turned out, and just love the music by Zefz (more about him here). When I listened to his track, “Dark Winds”, I just knew it was meant for Blood Dawn.

A great thank-you goes out to one of my backers, and a fellow Inkshares author, Yicheng Liu, who helped me with the initial stages of getting this video together. This video would not have happened if not for his generous offer to help. You can find out more about Yicheng’s work by visiting the project page for his humorous sci fi, Remains of Civilization, by clicking here. While there, be sure to check out his great video trailer and consider backing his project. I’m also grateful to the numerous others who offered detailed feedback with the three versions this video went through before coming into its final form. Creating this video has truly been a collaboration between author and readers, which I think is just awesome!

You can also watch this on my YouTube channel if you prefer: https://youtu.be/wSziNb80ssA

Please spread the word. To make this easy, I’ve also set up some links for you to share this on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. You just need to click them and the information will pop up for you to send:

I’m so excited and pleased with this and really hope you enjoy. For me this is a big milestone with this project, and it’s opened a few creative doors, so to speak–but that’s a topic for another blog post.

I also wanted to share my editor’s comment from last week’s chapter of Blood Dawn. As you’ll see over on my Inkshares project, I’m not 420 pages into the manuscript, just past the halfway mark, and with my current writing pace I’m doing about a chapter a week. I’m so happy I’m part of the Author Accelerator program, because often at this point in a longer manuscript it’s so easy to give in and write lazily in a hurry to get to the end. Instead, I’m approaching every chapter of this novel as though it’s as important in driving the novel forward as the first few chapters. Here’s what my editor, Lizette, Clarke, had to say:

Hi John,
I don’t have much to say about this week’s chapter except that YOU TOTALLY NAILED IT!!! And I’m lying when I say I don’t have much to say; I had plenty of good things to say in my edits. I’d say it’s one of your strongest chapters yet, especially in terms of moving the story forward, prose, character, etc. You should be really proud of how good this chapter is!

Well! Now that certainly made my week. And with that, on to more writing.


About John Robin

John Robin is an epic fantasy writer, professional editor, and lover of imaginary worlds. He write stories about magic and myth, human suffering and the power to rise above it. He loves world building, coffee shops, mathematics, chess, and is an avid author community builder.
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