How to Market Your Book Without Spending a Fortune

This week I want to welcome another guest to the blog. Jared Barlament, who is debuting his novel, The Plight of a People. , took some time to write about his marketing strategies and I’m excited to share that with all authors in the crowd looking for additional tips to kick off a strong book launch—in an affordable manner!

plight authorMy name is Jared Barlament, and I’m a self-published author of a literary fantasy epic entitled The Plight of a People. I am a student living in the United States, and have been writing all my life. In addition to writing, I enjoy the great outdoors, learning about the world around me, playing soccer and both playing and writing music, all within the confines of the rural Midwest.

I have endeavored to publish for years, and now that I have finally reached that point, I’ve found that much of the advice I received online along the way has been detrimental and dangerous to a mind willing to spend some money. The internet is home to hordes of information that can be posted by anyone with access, and so to believe all it has to say at face value obviously isn’t advisable. Not all the advice one can receive about marketing their book could be considered solid advice whatsoever. The main problem to be found in the countless articles about book marketing is they almost all tell authors to spend far more money than is really necessary.

“…much of the advice I received online along the way has been detrimental and dangerous to a mind willing to spend some money.”

It is most certainly possible, no matter what a hundred other articles may say, to successfully self-publish a book without having to spend a penny on anything other than copyright. It is always advisable to copyright one’s work, no matter how well one expects it to do. However, while for some it may also be advisable to hire editors, marketers, and others, for most of us it simply does not pay off. All those things can be done by the author themselves, with any help they receive from others being completely voluntary. To hire someone to create a cover for you is definitely something that self-published authors should also consider, but not before considering other options that may be far more inexpensive and yield just as good of results. I, for example, outsourced it to my girlfriend who just happens to be quite good at this sort of thing, and she’s done a marvelous job of bringing my vision of the cover to life.

“The only ones who truly don’t have the time to market their books are those who are unwilling to make time.”

While not everyone knows people who can provide services such as these to them for free or ridiculously cheap, there is still a plethora of ways they can lower the costs of marketing. Companies who offer massive marketing plans that seem to offer every service under the sun should be avoided, as they are guaranteed to present all these tantalizing offers at the highest of prices. You could spend hundreds of dollars trusting other people to market your book for you, or you could do it yourself at the cost of a bit of your time. Of course, time is not something everyone claims to have, but to those who don’t think they have enough time to market, just know that you do. There are a million little things we all do that can be cut out of our days to make time for something of as great importance as this. The smallest of sacrifices can lead to the most numerous of opportunities throughout the day for marketing. The only ones who truly don’t have the time to market their books are those who are unwilling to make time.

It may seem a daunting task for some to do the whole process themselves. To hand off all the work to a company may just seem simpler and so much less stressful. And, for the richer of writers, this may very well be a better option than laboring through the vast and chaotic labyrinth that is marketing. However, some writers haven’t the option to do this, and for others it would present a risk that is far too great to take. Thus, for some people, it is best to do it all themselves.

“Success will come to those who put forth the necessary effort to succeed and have created a product people desire.”

There are thousands of different ways to go about it. Some may prefer doing it all online, where they could set up a website, blog, social media accounts and join forums to promote their book. Others may prefer a less internet-oriented campaign, and so could instead look at posting ads in local newspapers, talking to people and groups about their book in person or contacting their local library for a possible promotion.

However one decides to promote their works to the world, they don’t have to rely on expensive offers and programs to succeed. Success will come to those who put forth the necessary effort to succeed and have created a product people desire. Thus, no matter how much the marketing process may daunt you, rest assured knowing that the only investment you really need is the investment of time.

plightjpgMy debut novel, The Plight of a People, is now available on Amazon Kindle!

If enough readers request it, it will also be made available for paperback in the future.

The Plight of a People is an epic of one people’s continued journey to survive in an ancient world lush with catastrophe. It is split into three individual stories, each separated by countless generations and connected by the culture, struggles and themes they all share.

In Part I, the story follows disgraced military officer Solinus as he attempts to once again be the man he once was and single-handedly defend his people from annihilation from a hostile group of religious zealots. Nearly 300 years later, Part II follows Emperor Aethon as his struggle to maintain power unleashes a maelstrom of tragedy upon him and his empire. Lastly, Part III occurs over a century afterwards, when King Eulasus begins a war of liberty to save his kingdom from the wrongs brought down upon it by a brutal regime.

Each part is intertwined with the others to craft one story about not just the struggles of the individual, but also the people’s struggle and the relationship between the ruler and the ruled. Vast cycles of oppression and the constant presence of great omnipotent gods look over the many eons of war that rule this ancient world. All this bloodshed occurs over a backdrop of barely explored lands full of mystic creatures and powerful deities. The continual exploration of this world and the gradual advancement of humanity within it serve as merely the first of challenges for the people living in a delicate world order just waiting to implode all around them.

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About John Robin

John Robin is an epic fantasy writer, professional editor, and lover of imaginary worlds. He write stories about magic and myth, human suffering and the power to rise above it. He loves world building, coffee shops, mathematics, chess, and is an avid author community builder.
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1 Response to How to Market Your Book Without Spending a Fortune

  1. paula cappa says:

    Good luck with your new book, Jared. Your “Success will come to those who put forth the necessary effort to succeed and have created a product people desire” is a good thought. I’ve been marketing my supernatural mystery novels and short stories since 2012 and can honestly say that the road is a long and arduous one. I would add that we indie authors need the skills of smart persistence and the emotional intelligence to know that success comes in fleeting moments. A small bite here and there is still a delicious meal. But more than that, it’s not the sales results or popularity of our books, I think it’s more about doing your best all the way around.

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