Reclaiming my blog

It’s 12:10pm. Here I am, writing a blog post, in my pyjamas.

Exactly how it should be.

No plans, I won’t even read this for typos (okay, maybe once, or…twice). It’s been a few weeks since I wrote my last blog post and the reason I haven’t written one is because I kept thinking about what to write, which led me in circles.

I realize I need to reclaim my blog.

Have you ever done something you thought was right, only to later realize it was glaringly wrong, and feel deeply embarrassed afterward? That’s how I feel about this blog.

First off, I’m no expert on writing. Let me absolve myself of that. You’ll find if you dig through my feed, an awful lot of posts on how to write. Let me be clear:

I don’t know a damn thing about how to write. I’m making it all up as I go. I try to fuck up a little bit less each time, and that’s progress. I try to learn and I love to describe what I’m learning, but I also know some people like masturbating in the corner and that’s not good manners (especially at a writing convention). So for that, I apologize.

I also am not smart, or wise, or any other kind of hybrid guru with expensive snake oil. I read a lot not to get smarter, but because I’m dumb and I hope I’ll become less dumb (it’s working). There’s really nothing to brag about here, just another writer showing his notes. So if you’re a new reader and you’re scrolling through my feed, you’ll see traces of my Wikipedia geek-a-thon, as well as my orthorexic Ultimate Reading Curriculum post. I still do that, and it works for me, and I like it, but really, opinions are assholes, and I have learned my manners now.

I don’t know what I’ll be blogging about, but I know one thing: future posts will be written like this, off the hop, ideally in my pyjamas before the night’s wind down reading (tonight it’s the November issue of National Geographic).

One of my editing clients once told me in another life I must have been a comedian. So maybe I’ll try to connect with that. George Carlin is my all time idol, though I’ll rein in the f-words if I try to find my voice in that direction (you have to buy my book for those). I can already feel a rant or two (but let’s save those for another night).

It’s 12:23 and that’s longer than I should be spending on a blog post. This really is like an email to a good friend. The microphone is up and I can’t edit what I say, so here it is. I’ll save all the editing for the books or courses you can pay money to read. There certainly is enough of it.

Goodnight all, and welcome to my blog with more cobwebs cleared away.

Now, time to get less dumb.

About John Robin

John Robin is an epic fantasy writer, professional editor, and lover of imaginary worlds. He write stories about magic and myth, human suffering and the power to rise above it. He loves world building, coffee shops, mathematics, chess, and is an avid author community builder.
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2 Responses to Reclaiming my blog

  1. landofoyr says:

    when you look at the things you should do you feel that you won’t ever finish them but when you look back at the things you have accomplished (and considering your resources) you feel that you have done too much.
    its a matter of perspective!

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