Why bother reading?

If you’re reading this, then I’ll ask you right now:


Why bother reading at all? Why are you taking time out of your day to open this up and read these words by some guy?

If you’re still reading, I’m honoured. You must have a reason you kept going.

I’ll try not to disappoint you.

See, I don’t know what to blog about when I’m not allowed to blog about writing. I like this challenge.

Reading is close to my heart. I can’t read enough. I’m convinced if everyone read for 4 or more hours a day, the world would be 10 times better.

It doesn’t matter what you read. If you’re on a high horse about a perfect program, that’s pretentious.

When I read, it’s to become less ignorant. I used to read to get more smart. What arrogance (in hindsight, it’s innocent naivety, but if I had a time machine, I’d go back and give my smart-ass past self a slap).

I think the greatest value I’ve found in reading has been reading things I already know. Correction: things I think I knew, but really, on setting away my pride and actually just opening my mind to be refreshed, I realize actually, I didn’t know like I thought! Ah, those are the best.

What’s a tam? Oh, it’s a round hat, or something to do with hardware. *stops and consults dictionary* Ah! A tam-o’-shanter, named after a Robert Burns hero in a poem of the same name.

That might make you roll your eyes, but to me, who never knew that before, it blew my mind.

I’d like to think that I’m not the only person like this. I’d like to think that we’re all ignorant in different ways. I’d like to think there are two kinds of reading: reading where you’re the co-pilot, and reading where you’re the pilot.

I believe reading as the pilot is bad. This is where you go wherever you want. You read what interests you. You filter out what doesn’t interest you. You skim or skip things you think you already know (but actually don’t, but you’ll never know that because you won’t steer your plane that way to discover it).

I believe reading as the co-pilot is the way for us all to share our tribe energy, as a human collective. That sounds nuts I’m sure (remember: I’m not allowed to spend long on these posts, nor to revise, so you’re getting raw John in his pyjamas again). However, compared to some of the rants on fake news feeds or other discussion forums, I’d like to think I’m completely sane.

Reading as the copilot is this:

Your eyes are open and you are taking in everything. It’s a meditation. The object of focus is whatever words are in front of your eyes. When you catch your mind wandering (ie skimming or getting bored), notice that and begin again. Return to what you’re reading, and process it. Change from the inside out. Trust the pilot, that she knows what she’s doing, and you’re taking everything in to ensure the trip is sound.

Maybe that’s a bad metaphor, but, well, I’m in my pyjamas, so forgive me.

There is so much about the world we don’t know. The worst is what we assume we know, but actually don’t know correctly. The enemy is ourselves, that impatient urge to grab the steering wheel. The need for control, and so we read, and we read into corners and become opinions rather than beacons of truth that percolate light for others.

We live in the age of fake news, fake information, thirdhand and fourth-hand sources, and worse. I think there is a way out, and it starts with the individual, specifically, the one who says “I don’t know what I don’t know” and from that place, begins anew; and with that wisdom, begins to read, begins to change.

And we can change those around us, with this, in small ways. I truly believe in the power of books and scholarship and collective wisdom, of combing the sources rather than dangling in the branches of skewed discussion forums and hurried articles with agendas. If you’re still reading, then you’re sharing some of my light, and I hope it will compel you, as I was compelled, and if not, then on you go. Maybe I’m wrong. After all, I’m just some guy writing a blog post.

But maybe I’m right, in which case some day there might be some value to this. I certainly can say every story I tell, everything I do as a writer, is infused with this belief, this insight that’s been growing in me some time now. This post will be buried and forgotten, but it’s only a small glimpse, because there will be more (but you’ll have to pay money for that).

“What do I read?” you might ask. It’s not so much what you read, but what attitude you bring with you when you read. It’s not enough to think you know nothing. That’s just a part-step. Going all the way means you admit that you don’t even know if you know nothing, or if what you know is true or part-true. With a mind like this, you become a child at heart, and inside: curious, without limit.

There’s no end to what you can be when you reclaim this. And when you read, you gain power, so much power: because everything you read can make you better, make you more empathic, more compassionate, more understanding, more angry at the hate in this world that should all end, more aware of history and how the world we live in today has been becoming what it is, and continues to be so. You learn, like being a student all your life. You don’t become hardened in your heart and resentful, because you also see hope, and if not that, then at least the reason for it. With that hope, even if you die and still the world is a bad place, you die at least yearning for it to be better.

And that’s all I have time for today. It’s time to read this week’s newspaper. Time to change a little more, and repeat tomorrow.

Until next time,

Happy reading.

About John Robin

John Robin is an epic fantasy writer, professional editor, and lover of imaginary worlds. He write stories about magic and myth, human suffering and the power to rise above it. He loves world building, coffee shops, mathematics, chess, and is an avid author community builder.
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