Learn Something New Every Day

In the last year, I have learned a lot about myself as a writer. Probably the most unexpected lesson: I enjoy writing educational nonfiction.

I’ve written 12 courses now on the platform Highbrow (click here to see all my courses). I’m presently finishing my 13th. Writing these courses has been a great way to balance the longer time commitment of writing a fantasy epic by writing shorter projects in a different genre.

I started writing for Highbrow because I was a student of their courses and enjoy the format. The setup is great for anyone who wants to learn something new every day:

  1. You sign up for a course of interest (they have 300+ courses, which you can view here)
  2. Every day for 10 consecutive days, you receive a short lesson (500-700 words). It only takes 5 minutes to read
  3. If you sign up for a year, you can take 36 courses. This means you can have something new to learn every single day

Highbrow is also continually growing. It was mentioned by Writer’s Digest last year as an important resource for writers and has been recognized in the New York Times and Time magazine.

To this day, I keep my Highbrow course queue full and continually learn something new. Right now, I’m working through a course on the mad world of Roman Emperors. Probably my all-time favorite course was How to Read and Retain More.

If you decide to try Highbrow out, but are worried about getting overwhelmed with 10 emails each course you sign up for, remember you can always open and star each email, then read them later.

If you’re a writer interested in teaching through writing, Highbrow also is looking for good writers to become teachers. Check out their call for more teachers here. They have 400,000+ subscribers, so your lessons will get traction. The Highbrow team is also great and will work with you to help you pick a popular topic. They edit and produce your course, so you need only focus on putting together great material and doing your research.

If you’re not sure of the format, I recommend you take a few courses and see. Here are my latest courses:







I really can’t recommend Highbrow enough, and will write for them as long as they are willing, and I’ll keep taking courses as well.

Speaking of which, time to get back to work on my 13th course, this one on meditation techniques. As fall gets closer and the 2nd draft of Blood Dawn approaches, this is the perfect way to recharge my batteries and push that writing to a new edge.

About John Robin

John Robin is an epic fantasy writer, professional editor, and lover of imaginary worlds. He write stories about magic and myth, human suffering and the power to rise above it. He loves world building, coffee shops, mathematics, chess, and is an avid author community builder.
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