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I'm an aspiring fantasy author and blogger! My first novel, Storm of Fury, can be found on Amazon! Follow me on Twitter: @andrewtheauthor

The Voice — guest post from epic fantasy author Andrew Wood

Happy Friday! To end this week, I’d like to highlight the talent of my assistant and apprentice editor, Andrew Wood. In fact, for those who enjoy the posts here on the Epic Fantasy Writer blog, Andrew is my front line, helping … Continue reading

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The Walls are Closing In Paints a Chilling Picture of the US in the Year 2090

Today I want to welcome a special author guest! I’m pleased to have Jacqui Castle join us to share some words on what it’s like to segue from being a journalist to novelist. Jacqui Castle is a professional freelance writer … Continue reading

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Andrew Wood — Magic: the Lifeblood of Fantasy

Welcome back Andrew Wood, one of our regular contributors, with his own spin on magic and why it fascinates us as readers. Magic, in essence, is a word used by authors to describe whatever powers govern the world they’ve created. … Continue reading

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Andrew Wood — War: Poor Man’s Duty, Rich Man’s Game

War is often an integral part of a fantasy novel, whether it be a conflict between neighboring nations, an invasion by demonic hordes, or even within a single man’s heart. It is a simple thing to write about men throwing … Continue reading

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The Perfect Method

Building a world is one of the hardest things a Fantasy author has to do. It is often a daunting task to craft an entire world from nothing, to create the geography, the rules that govern it, the beasts and … Continue reading

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Dragon Pros Vs. Cons, by Andrew Wood

Today, I’d like to explore the two most common types of dragon seen in fantasy fiction, and take a look at the benefits, or problems, they can cause in a story. In all of fantasy, whether it be High, Low … Continue reading

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