Blood Dawn

Blood Dawn is about Rena, a girl with a magical ability expressed through drawings who must put aside her past fears of hurting people with her gift and master it to win back her father’s stolen throne. It is a grand fantasy epic, told through the viewpoint of seven characters whose lives are all interlinked. One might think of it as True Blood meets Game of Thrones, but in a Victorian-era world instead of a medieval one, and with lots of systematized magic a la Wheel of Time.

This will be a stand-alone novel which will also open the doorway into a larger epic of stand-alone works–much like patches on a quilt. I plan to spend the rest of my life writing them.

Between now and April 11, 2016, I am trying to connect with future readers of Blood Dawn through the Inkshares publishing model. You can link to my project here to read a summary and the opening, and there you will see options to support me, either through pre-purchasing your copy of Blood Dawn, or through following me for updates on progress. Supporting me through pre-purchasing a copy will help me toward reaching my funding goal that will cover my advance, editing from publishers with traditional house experience, work with a professional book design and cover design, and the expense of an initial print run of 1,000 copies. You can also support me just by spreading the word to your contacts and friends who you think might enjoy this kind of novel. Although my funding goal requires 2,501 pre-purchases of Blood Dawn, my goal is to connect with 10,000 readers by April 11th, 2016, so I appreciate all the help I can get to reach my goal, while I continue to do the hard work on my end to deliver a polished manuscript by the end of my campaign.

I have not chosen April 11, 2016 arbitrarily. I wanted to choose the date when I feel I will be near the end of final bulk revisions. At this point, so long as I achieve my funding goal, Blood Dawn will then go over to the editing team and work on a high-quality final product will begin. You can see by reading some of my former blog entries that I write 10 pages a week and submit those to my editor with the Author Accelerator program, so each week I not only revise the previous 10 pages, but write 10 more. In June I will be stepping up to 15 pages/week, and in September, 20, in order to reach my completion goal in a realistic time. Following draft completion, which I estimate will be in January, 2016, I will begin the revision track with the Author Accelerator program, where I will be sending large chunks of my manuscript to my editor and getting editorial support in polishing my draft for submission by April 11.

During this entire time, I want to remain transparent to my supporters and future readers. One feature you might be interested in will be the writing videos I plan to release soon, wherein I will give readers a tour of my manuscript and explain some of the strategies and developments I have in the works. These videos will also serve as instructional writing craft videos, as I will not only talk about my manuscript but my process. The goal of these videos is to give you all glimpse into my writing world while you wait patiently for the final tale.

Thank you in advance to all of you for your support. Together, let’s bring this dream to life, and may it continue.


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