Calling Guest Fantasy Bloggers!


If you’re a fantasy writer, especially if you’re an epic fantasy writer and you have maps and love the process of world-building, then I’d love to have you as a guest on this blog.

What I’m looking for:

I’d like to host guest fantasy / epic fantasy authors who can add great articles on world-building to appeal to the “how to” fantasy writer crowd. My goal in having guests on my blog is that the guests will have opportunities to engage with my growing audience, when the post goes live, and afterward, and that the content will remain useful to the fantasy writer audience accessing it down the road as separate articles on different aspects of topics relating to how one goes about writing great epic fantasy.

I’m looking especially for posts on world-building, since there’s no end to the amount of useful tips other fantasy writers can learn from how other fantasy writers approach world-building. What I’d love to see is more or less a call-back to this post:

Topic categories may include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Organizing world-building information as your write
  • Balancing world-building vs. storytelling
  • World-building from setting
  • World-building from character
  • World-building from plot
  • World-building techniques

The most specific your focus, the better, since it helps me tag your post clearer and draw in more people who might want to learn about that specific topic. For example, let’s say your topic is on “using a wiki to keep track of world-building while you write”, I can add tags like “how to use a wiki for world-building”, “using a wiki for world-building fantasy”, etc., and that draws in people who are Googling the term. To help you understand if your topic is specific enough, imagine you’re a fantasy writer looking for some tips on world-building — what would you enter in Google? How would the article you’re writing appeal to that person? I’m of the belief that every fantasy writer can relate something unique on the topic of world-building, so it’s really just a matter of finding the specific vein that says a lot to you.

Another important guideline for your post is to try and minimize the amount of time you spend talking too much about your own work, but rather to illustrate some principles about the writing process in a teaching way to other writers. It’s okay to refer to your writing and your writing process in the context of using it to illustrate what you are trying to teach / inform on. In fact, that’s a good check — if you’re talking about something in your book and it’s functioning as an example of what you’re trying to teach then it’s safe to use.

(You get a whole spot at the end of the post to promo a book of your choice and to share your platform links so you can share blurb / excerpt / reviews, and I’ll link the cover to the buy page + include a call to action for people to buy your book.)

Please submit your guest post in the following format:

Put it all in a Word doc (make sure images are copied and pasted into the document itself).

Put everything in this order:

  • A 1-paragraph author bio
  • Profile picture (it will display as a thumbnail next to your bio)
  • Title of the post (especially great if it has phrasing like “How to…” or “XX ways to…”)
  • Body of the post (try to use sub-headers as much as possible, i.e. if you’re discussing how to use a wiki for world-building, your sub-headers might outline each of the steps you use)
  • A book you want to promote (ideally your newest release)
  • Include a cover image for your book, along with links where you want to link for people to buy it
  • Include links for where people can connect with you online, i.e. website, twitter, blog, wherever you are most active
  • Include (optional) any additional pictures (which you own the copyright to or can link me to where it states the image is for free use), with description of where you want me to insert them in the post

Please submit your guest post to: In the subject line for your email, put GUEST WORLD-BUILDER.

Note that I will not accept your post if I don’t feel it’s going to be useful to the Epic Fantasy Writer audience, so I recommend you query me first to pitch your topic and ask any questions you might have before writing your post. That said, I am eager to have guests, so even if your post isn’t quite what I’m looking for, I’ll give you suggestions.

Likewise, if you’d like to contribute but aren’t sure what topic to write your article on, I have a big list in my content calendar on topics I’d like to explore so I’d be happy to throw some topics at you to help give you ideas.


I’m also open to any guest post provided it features content you feel will be helpful to the audience on my blog.

Since my goal with this blog is to provide content that will help writers improve their craft, their practice, and their overall sense of well-being as they lead the writing life, I’m open to other off-topic guests.

This could include topics in the category:

  • Editing and revision
  • Publishing industry
  • Book marketing
  • Productivity (geared toward writers)
  • Wellness (geared toward writers)
  • Writing tips (universal enough to be helpful for fantasy writers)

I look forward to your contributions and thank you in advance for helping bring my vision for this blog to life.