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R. Todd Henrichs — Imagining More…

Today, R.Todd Henrichs returns to talk about the two main types of fight scenes: Sword fights and epic battles. Want to know how to make your fight scenes exciting and fun to read? Read on to find out his 4 points for … Continue reading

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My World for a City…

In a month dedicated to the art of world building, we have had some great articles come out covering a vast array of technique and minutiae. But, as tends to be my way, I want to turn this world building idea on … Continue reading

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Thar Be Dragons… by R. Todd Henrichs

Dragons. The giant leather winged lizards of yore, who swoop down upon unsuspecting villagers to burn, pillage, and destroy. The grand, smoke-breathing creatures of myth and nightmare. The captor of beautiful princesses fair-haired maidens. The most epic of hoarders, amassing … Continue reading

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