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Reading our way out of prison

I came across a great quote on the importance of reading, through James Clear’s weekly newsletter. It is from inventor and writer Lin Yutang: “Compare the difference between the life of a man who does no reading and that of … Continue reading

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My review for Zen In the Art of Writing, by Ray Bradbury

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Blogging out of the box

Thank you to all who have followed this blog. I started blogging in late 2014, unsure what I was doing with it. It’s been over 5 years, and I’m still as uncertain. Thank you not just for following me, but … Continue reading

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Every word is not enough

As I come up for air from 7 months of intensive revision, I come up with some perspective. Writers are told that every word must count. As I’m learning, that’s not enough. It’s difficult in draft 1, 2, or even … Continue reading

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Holding an actual book

I will make two promises on this new approach to blogging: -I will not talk about religion -I especially will not talk about politics But I will occasionally lapse into musings, or some of the things that keep me up … Continue reading

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DO YOU WANT TO BE A GUEST AUTHOR? Check out the topics and submission guidelines here

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Magic in the World of Mysts – by Sean Gallagher

Today, author Sean Gallagher returns to talk about Magic! What is important when writing about magic in your world? Read on to find out what he did to create a believable magic system for his. To read more by Sean Gallagher, go HERE.   … Continue reading

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March 2015: On working with a writing coach and avoiding the “beautifully written so-what”

It has been a wonderful weekend of writing. Yesterday I happened to write 3,600 words. They weren’t written in a crunch. In fact, I guess I must have written 5,000 or more, for all the deleting I did in order … Continue reading

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Coming soon: John’s Story World

I’ve promised you all that my web designer is taming gremlins, and I’m happy to announce that the gremlin army has almost been subdued! I’m told, by some feat of magic, that I will soon have a website, but this … Continue reading

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Lining up my mibs

It has been an exciting month. My editing business is keeping me busy. I loved editing during my time working in-house for a small publisher, so it was my pleasure, when the demand grew and I felt my skill was … Continue reading

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