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Time in, words out: a writer’s tug-of-war

How do you measure progress at the keyboard? Many writers like to use word count. A good day’s work is measured based on how many new words you write. Some writers prefer page count. This is the same as word … Continue reading

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Saying No: 3 Way to Stop Spending Your Time on Good Ideas So That You Can Find Your Great Ideas

This week, while our blizzard woes have evolved into a brief interlude of almost-spring, I’ve found myself swimming in chaos in my own work life. The slush goes something like this: While I work hard on editing projects that occupy … Continue reading

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Writing Away the Winter Blues

I don’t know what weather is like in your part of the world, but here in Winnipeg, we’re in the midst of extremely cold temperatures, and have just had four blizzards in the course of five weeks. Thus, I’ve been … Continue reading

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