World Builders

johnrobinwall27World Builders is a series which explores the world building process from the perspective of different fantasy authors. Posts are every Monday, with occasional special guest posts on Wednesdays or Fridays.

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Randy Ellefson:bio-randy-ellefson Lizette Clarke:john-blog-lizette C. Brennecke:C. Brennecke
R. Heinz:Rick Heinz K.E. Madsen:K.E. Madsen

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Katie Miller

Jamison Stone:Jamison Stone A.C. Weston:CE Weston J.F. Dubeau:JF Dubeau
Paul Robinson:Paul Robinson

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Robert P. Beus:RT Ranscht

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Patrick Ryerson:Paul Inman

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Joseph TerzievaJoe Terzieva
Brien ShoresBrien Shores
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Danny WestendorffDanny Westendorff
Joseph G. CalcagnoJoseph G Calcagno
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Emily KesterEmily Kester
Andrew WoodAndrew Wood
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G. Derek AdamsG Derek Adams
Juliet and Brian FreyermuthFreyermuth
James RobertsJames Roberts
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